Stay In The Mood! Stay Safe!

As a new era in hospitality begins, The Mood Luxury Rooms are ready to welcome you to Thessaloniki safely and in absolute accordance with the new health and safety regulations. Read below all the latest guidelines for a safe hospitality experience in The Mood Luxury Rooms.




The quick List of Health & Safety in The Mood Luxury Rooms!

  • Please follow the H.D.M. (Hands-Distance-Mask) Rule.
  • All rooms and common areas are continuously ventilated, disinfected and cleaned.
  • Hand sanitizers are available in all hotel common areas.
  • Masks are provided free of charge to our guests upon request.
  • Non-residents are not allowed in the premises.


Disinfection in Rooms & Public Areas Details

All rooms and common areas of The Mood Luxury Rooms are cleaned carefully several times throughout the day. They are also naturally and intensively ventilated. In addition, we use fully complied with the international standards cleaning products and the latest antibacterial and antiviral solutions.


Staff Training & Regulations

Our staff wears face masks and provides our customers with consumables, such as antibacterial hand sanitizers, masks and disposable gloves, if requested. We closely follow all the latest guidelines from the World Health Organization, the Greek Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism, and our staff is constantly trained on all latest about Covid19.


Contactless Payments

We recommend doing all your payments via credit cards and contactless, for less physical interaction.



All food is protected according to Health Protocols with continuous cleaning and disinfection of all kitchen, restaurant and bar equipment. As for the breakfast area, the placement of tables follows exactly the distances required by the authorities. The common areas must be occupied only by the maximum number of people permitted.

Use of lift

Only guests staying at the same room are allowed to use the lift at the same time, but we strongly recommend using the stairs.